A Destination

Situated right on the Bay of Fundy, we offer up 9 rooms, half with views of the water, seals, and eagles along with a pub and dining room that features up craft beers, fine whiskeys and food sourced from the local region.

Summertime you can enjoy a meal and a drink on the deck or a cup of coffee as the fishing boats work there way out to sea.

Situated in the quaint town of Lubec, we are conveniently located next to Campbello Island and a short drive or bike ride to the bold coast.

Light Houses

Lubec is home to West Quoddy Light house, situated right on the mouth of the Bay of Fundy. A short bike ride or car ride away, the point offers up stunning views and miles of hiking trails along the Bold Coast.

Campobello Island

Home to the Roosevelt International Park, East Quoddy Head Light House and miles of scenic trails and beaches to explore, this is the view from our deck. 

summer fun

International Marathons, fireworks, pirate invasions, lobsters, hiking, biking, whale watching, beer drinking, relaxation, and a robust music scene all combine to make for an authentic summer and fall destination.